What happens after submission?

Your case study will be allocated and graded by a member of the grading team. It may be reviewed again for quality assurance purposes before the result is sent to you. This process can take up to 21 days to complete, so please don’t contact us about your results until after that time.

You can see the grading criteria in the Data Science rubric or the Data Analyst rubric.

Why haven’t I received my results?

If you have not received your results after 21 days (and you have double-checked it didn’t go to your spam folder), please reach out to us at support@datacamp.com

Why was part of my submission “Ungraded”?

We only grade your technical report if all the criteria for the presentation have been met. If your presentation was too long, we might not have graded your report or most aspects of your presentation.

Can you give me more detailed information on where I need to improve?

As this is a certification assessment designed to measure your skills we cannot give you any further feedback on your case study. We would strongly encourage you to carefully review the grading rubric (Data Scientist or Data Analyst), which provides all of the information you need on what it takes to pass each element of the case study.

You may want to further review our guide on preparing for the case study.

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