How do I get started?

Once you confirm you want to start, you will be assigned a project. You will have links to the project description from the Certification dashboard.

Data Scientist case study: You will also receive a link to a Workspace where you will perform your analysis and create your technical report. Further information on DataCamp Workspaces can be found here. You will also need to prepare a presentation to share your results.

Data Analysis case study: A link to the data for the project will be in the project description. You are free to use any tool you like to perform your analysis. You only need to prepare a presentation to share your results.

I don’t understand something in the project, can you give me more information?

Everything you need to demonstrate the skills for certification has been included in the project description. As this is an assessment, we can’t give any more information.

What will I be tested on in the case study?

We are mostly interested in the way that you communicate. Are you presenting to the right audience? Are you addressing the problem that you were given? You can find the exact criteria in the rubric for the certification you are completing.

I have been working on my case study for hours and can’t get near to the criteria the project asks for. Is it even possible?

All the projects we use are designed to reflect a real-life situation you may be in. Sometimes we can’t meet the demands of our stakeholders with the data we have. How would you handle that in a real situation?

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